New Year’s Day 2013

Happy New Year Sarah!

Rest assured I probably won’t be posting you letters everyday, but c’mon, it’s New Year. It’s special.

You would have been proud of us Sarge, we went out AND stayed up till midnight. Yes, we three little pumpkins actually managed to keep it together enough to see in 2013.  We were rewarded with fireworks and sparklers. We took the glow bracelets and everyone wore one, naturally, after all, who can resist a glow bracelet? Alex was really good and enjoyed himself, with barely a grinch the whole evening. So that was marvellous.

The other option was staying in and being so sad that I felt I was very slowly disappearing. This is how I spent the majority of the 30th. It was like I couldn’t even fight it off with my usual cheerful insanity. You see, that day I had very foolishly investigated the Delta Goodrem song I’d heard snatches of on the radio recently.

Delta Goodrem , yes… I know.

I knew it was about the loss of a loved one but I’d wisely avoided it up till then,  just like I avoid most MOR radio pop rubbish. Then I got curious and looked it up on the ‘tube. Big mistake. Afterward I had listened to it I felt like I’d been stabbed through the chest and had a sucking chest wound of grief. Dramatic description, eh? I’ll post a link, but not to the actual video, because Delta is ridiculously angelic and princess-like to the point where it detracts from her voice and her genuine feeling in the song. Honestly, you’ll want to poke her in the eye. Plus the version I saw had the lyrics up, and they were what destroyed me so thoroughly.

So after that, I was dreading New Years, but it turned out good, so yay. Here’s a picture of the last sunset of 2012. I took it  just for you.

Love you always




About oddboggle

Here are the letters I write to Sarah, aka Sarge, who will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
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