2nd January 2013

Dear Sarah,

I have a mosquito bite on my finger which is infuriating me. Of all the places to be bitten I find a finger to be the most annoying. It puzzles me, when I have so many other plump ‘n juicy places to bite, why would a mosquito choose one of my gnarled old fingers? It buggers belief, doesn’t it?

I have also found out that it’ll be really hot for at least two weeks, so that’s kind of put me into a downer this morning. It’s not so bad I guess, but I really hate seeing sweaty people everywhere, wearing virtually no clothes. No so soon after christmas. It just doesn’t seem right. Especially when I’m working and they aren’t. Ya dig? Something happens to people’s brains when they get that hot, they just short out and wander around on auto-pilot. The Walking Veg. At least I don’t work in the servo. No more overweight, middle aged men, in just their underpants, confronting me at 2am anymore.

See, life really is on the up, already.

Love you lots





About oddboggle

Here are the letters I write to Sarah, aka Sarge, who will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
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