“What do you think of Jelly?” 7th January 2013

Dear Sarah,

A week into 2013 already?!

Actually it was an awfully long, slow, hot week, if truth be told. It hit 44 degrees, or thereabouts, on Friday. I got some stuff done on the weekend, but mostly I didn’t do much at all. I DID take down the Christmas tree and decorations which required way too much effort, in my opinion. For that alone I probably deserve a small medal. Just a tiny one.

We also blew up the paddling pool and shoved it on our front porch thingy. It takes up the entire space and has to butt up against the front door step. If I forget it’s there, and blithely leave the house via the front door, I’ll end up looking like a hapless contestant from ‘It’s a Knockout’. Alex will probably get a Polaroid of that. He’s good like that.

In regards to the pool, I am rather proud of myself. We’ve had it for three years, and we have managed to keep it clean and free of punctures all that time. It’s hasn’t even gone vaguely green. Miraculous! It’s also avoided becoming a breeding colony for mosquito larvae. Another mini medal for me, I believe.

Today is going to be another hot one. Bring it on, I say. I’ve got my special super strength deodorant  The trick is to drink water, stay in the shade, and NOT do a triathlon in three layers of woolly clothes. You’d think the last thing would be a bit of a no brainer, wouldn’t you? You might be surprised how many elderly people feel the need to go out on a 40 plus day, dressed from head to foot in thick, dark clothing, and perform a marathon run of shopping without a drop of water on their person. I guess they feel unable to alter their routine and slog on regardless. They will usually tell you how they grew up in Kalgoorlie, or on the surface of the sun, and that they are used to it, but you see them struggling. I guess it’s a very human thing, to not want to believe that age affects our limitations. Still annoying when you have to run around and fetch them chairs and glasses of water because they’ve decided to swoon in the queue in front of you. (It’s always fabulous when they decide they don’t like the chair you’ve found them and request a different kind. ‘No dear, I couldn’t sit on that, it’s FAR too low/high/floral patterned’.)

Anyway, yesterday I made jelly. When I say I ‘made’ jelly, I mean ‘I poured hot water on jelly crystals’, I’m not Nigella after all. I did add some mandarins for succulent, tangy interest.

This jellification reminded me of the audio tapes you made when you were about 12 or 13. (I’m guessing you were that age because you taped ‘What a Waste’ by Ian Dury and The Blockheads on Top of The Pops and they released that song in 1978.) We’d been searching for those tapes hadn’t we? Would you believe I managed to put my hand to them as soon as I went in mum’s garage, looking for tennis racquets. It was weird. I was so annoyed that we didn’t manage to listen to them again while you were alive, Sarah. Why didn’t we think of looking in the garage, it’s chock full of our old crap.

The upshot is that I have them now, if that’s alright? I’ve ordered a tape to mp3 converter and I’ll make copies of them. I will probably link some of the better parts on here, but nothing that would have embarrassed you. But definitely the part where you are enjoying a bit of jelly with your baby sister and letting her sing 9-5 by Sheena Easton. Alex found that part hysterical, but wondered why you were calling me Splodge. I told him that everyone called me Splodge when I was tiny, but that only you continued to call me Splodge until I was 22.

Bless ya.

So here’s my latest Lego masterpiece. It’s Lego Ash from Evil Dead.



About oddboggle

Here are the letters I write to Sarah, aka Sarge, who will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
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One Response to “What do you think of Jelly?” 7th January 2013

  1. Chris Richmond says:

    By sheer coincidence, TotP2 showed that clip of Ian Dury and the Blockheads singing What a Waste only a couple of days ago. Brilliant, and only bettered by the shambling audience of not-so-bright young things awkwardly trying to dance along.
    You and Alex Burrows need to get together with the Lego thang, btw. X

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