What’s Up Doc? No… seriously. What’s up? 9th January 2013.

Hello Sarah,

The heatwave didn’t come. I think I warned it off with a stern look and my clever magic. It was a nice day yesterday. I spent it eating ice cream and committing genocide on the ant population that live under our front door.

 The tape converter came and I managed to listen to the recordings. All ‘Comedy Gold’. Except for the parts where you guys are doing Jim Davison impressions or are too far away from the mic. You all sound very London,  so cute, and clearly trying to sound as well spoken as you can. Quite charming, if not a little Dot Cottonesque. I can’t judge, I’m just a yowling toddler in the background for most of them. Still I will find the pearls and transfer them to mp3, (but only non offensive ones, be assured.)

So, as implied by my headline, I took Alex to the quacks yesterday to get a referral for a psychologist to help Alex with school, ASD, selective mutism and general anxiety. I thought I’d do it now because he seems to be blossoming a bit right now. He went up the shops by himself and came back with a KitKat yesterday, so he’s getting a bit bolder. Great stuff.

Anyway, the doctor was really strange. First off, he was mocking Alex’s surname (who doesn’t?), but then he kept repeating everything I said in a weird cockney accent, like ‘Auwwwtistic Spictrum Disawwder’. Seriously. Alex and I looked at each other and wordlessly agreed, “What a total bellend!’. Though Alex may have thought of something slightly less rude. He then started on making fun of the psychologist’s name as he typed up the letter. Good old Aussie humour.

 Hopefully the next step won’t be so tedious.  When we stopped at Subway Alex remarked that he shouldn’t have been making fun of people’s names, what with being called Dr. **anks, and all.  I’ve asterixed his name mainly for his privacy, but also because it’s easier to imagine it being all manner of naughty words, which is what amused us greatly at the time.  Have fun trying to guess what it was. Small clue, it rhymes with ‘wanks’. 

Love you lots




A rainbow. In Victor Harbour.


About oddboggle

Here are the letters I write to Sarah, aka Sarge, who will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
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