The Wizard Of Oz as directed by Lionel Jeffries, in 1973.

Because why should only Hollywood get to remake European movies, eh?

I should be doing other things today. I have homework. I have to research suitable high schools for Alex. I have the rest of my ugly scarf to knit. I could even be outside enjoying the ridiculously glorious late summer sunshine. But no…


Lionel Jeffries decides to remake The Wizard of Oz for the 70’s audience. He relocates the setting to the Home Counties and adds a steam train or too. He also casts the cream of British character actors in the following roles:

Dorothy Gale


Lynne Frederick.

Lynne’s is a pretty unpleasant story, so let’s try to remember her lovely long hair and sweet, girlish face long before it was ravaged by drugs, alcohol, Peter Sellers and other bad life choices.

The Scarecrow


Jon Pertwee.

Now, this is a no brainer, right? I’m pretty sure we would have had a, ‘cuppa tea and a nice slice o’ cake’, shoe-horned in there somewhere.

The Tin Man:


Kenneth Williams.

I can’t see why this wouldn’t have worked. Of course, it may have meant that the Tin Man might have told lengthy, outrageous anecdotes, and prevented anyone else from getting a word in edgewise, but still. PS No jokes about Kenneth Williams getting his chopper out or being lubricated  will be made in this blog. Just so you know.

The Cowardly Lion:


Bernard Cribbins.

I am ever in awe of Bernard. On a side note, they really don’t make album covers like this anymore, do they? Justin Bieber take note.

The Good Witch of the North:


Diana Dors.

You know it makes sense. Just like in the Prince Charming video. But with less awkward formation dancing.

The Wicked Witch of the West:


Billie Whitelaw.

Seriously, this witch would have had flying rottweilers instead of flying monkeys. Brrrr.


wilfred hyde white

Wilfred Hyde-White.

Maybe he wouldn’t have had the inclination to guest star in Buck Rogers, if he’d been asked to do this. We shall never know.


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One Response to The Wizard Of Oz as directed by Lionel Jeffries, in 1973.

  1. Val Clayton says:

    Yet another piece of brilliant casting. What next?

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