Reasons To Be Gleeful

I got up really early to do some homework, but I would much rather write this… so that’s that. I’m listening to Janice Long on the internet, which is nice. She’s just played Marc Almond, bless her. I can’t live without a bit of Janice, now and again. I’ve noticed that Alex and I definitely gravitate towards lady DJs of a certain female kind, these days. I think we are searching for something to help fill the void left by you. Lisa Tarbuck’s show is now a ritual listening in this house.  We have a need to hear a confident, mature woman laughing, with immense ribaldry, about words that sound rude or funny shaped kitchen utensils. Alex makes Dan search for episodes of QI that have Jo Brand in them because he thinks she’s funny and ‘sweet’. Odd child. I think we may have made him a bit peculiar. *Bump fists*

Oh, Janice is playing Michael Bubblemixture now. Points deducted, Madam. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

So anyway, I’m writing this because I noticed they’ve resumed filming Glee after the tragic death of actor Cory Montieth, and by the looks of the article they have written him out of the show by having his character, Finn, die from causes they will probably not explain. They will be showing the episode on the 10th of October. The day before the first anniversary of your death, from causes that nobody has been able to explain


Now, you know that I NEVER watched Glee when you were alive, Sarah. You would talk about it on skype with me and I would have that blank face. Sorry about that. I wish I had taken an interest in it now. You LOVED it, because it was right up your street. (Yes, I am still amused about the phrase ‘right up your street‘.) It makes me feel very sad to know that you are not here to see it, or talk about it to your dull sister; who only watches shows that were made in the 70’s, and that have characters that wear beige slacks.

Hmm, Janice is playing ‘Open Arms’ by Embrace now. Janice, Janice, Janice… are you trying to make me cry?

Ok, I’ll tell you what we have planned for the 11th,  (on what we are currently calling ‘Sarah’s Day’). We are going to be staying at the beach and I will be attempting to fly a kite. It will be a day of reflection and memories and talking. I am saving everything you bought us as gifts in a big red box. The tee shirts that Alex has grown out of, the pens that have run out of ink, the pads that have run out of pages. I have managed to convert those ancient audio tapes of us singing and acting the goat to mp3. I am going to save as much as I can. I think we’ll also make a huge photo album that will have everything I can think of it in. This is what we are going to do. We will probably watch Glee too.

She’s playing Elton John now. Singing live these days; he sounds like a dog trying to cough up a golf ball. Or a golf club.

Missing you

all my love



PS Tonight there was a spider on the kitchen wall that was quite large. It had huge mandibles and was clicking them around. It almost looked like it was knitting. Blueergh.



About oddboggle

Here are the letters I write to Sarah, aka Sarge, who will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
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