Lego Fun.

Yes, we bought more Lego today. Personally I doubt anyone could resist this set though, laden as it is with innuendo. Enjoy my photo story . I will call it The Giant Sardine and the Naughty Pussy.



Oh crap, my cat is stuck up a tree. How irritating.


This really is inconvenient. I may have to stop smilng inanely in a moment.


Hello Madam, can I be of assistance? I couldn’t help but notice that you were smiling inanely up to a cat at the top of this tree.


Oh hello, that’s a lovely helmet you have there, Officer. You must be buffing away at that for hours on end.


Well Madam, enough of the pleasant chit-chat. I rather think that your pussy has had enough by now. It’s quivering with excitement and making a very peculiar noise. Let me bring out something that will perk it up.


I’ve never known a pussy that didn’t go absolutely crazy for my giant sardine.


We are always happy to help a distressed damsel get her hands on an errant pussy.


Yeah, whatevs, Fishface!

Love Splodge



About oddboggle

Here are the letters I write to Sarah, aka Sarge, who will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
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