The Professionals in Lego

I bet you’re thinking, “Why hasn’t she done any of her cool Lego stuff recently, I loved that.” Yeah? Well, truth is, I have been a bit busy, and also my son banned me from mucking up his neat Lego minifig display. I’ve had to wait until he was in a good enough mood before I could go in and steal stuff.


Ok, The professionals. What is not to love about this 70’s gem, eh? Tan leather jackets. Bubble perms on men. Banter about liver sausage.

Naturally, I had to capture the epic boyish fantasy that is ‘The Professionals’, in all it’s blokey glory as part of my increasingly sporadic series, that I might start calling ‘Stuff I made out of Lego’.

To be honest the show’s grimy, dismal tones don’t exactly lend themselves to the bright, primary colours of Lego, but if you squint or bugger around with the colours on your computer maybe it might just work.

I also apologise now for not having the right hair for Martin Shaw. Just imagine he’s been caught in the rain or something.



And BTW It’s incredibly hard to get a lego fig to leap over anything and not just look like it’s just standing wonkily. Not quite sure I pulled it off.



Though I do feel I gain extra points for getting minifigs with Martin Shaw’s ‘interesting’ cheekbone arrangement, Gordon Jackson’s grumpiness and Lewis Collins’ ‘hardman’ eyebrows. Go me!



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Here are the letters I write to Sarah, aka Sarge, who will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
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