More vintage crumpet.

Every now and again I get the urge to cast my net through the depths of the internet and drag it for delicious images of old/dead people. Come! See what treasures I have found!

Roger Moore

Roger started out as a successful knitwear model, and I bet dirty old women across the land were dropping stitches all over the place, eh?

Roger Moore roger_moore_stitchcraft_1

Sean Connery

Was a body builder apparently. Or maybe he just liked chilling in his pants. *Severe danger of the boys breaking out of the barracks here.

Young Sean Connery in swim suit Sean Connery 1

 Eric Sykes

Why not?

NPG x136313; Eric Sykes by Bob Collins eric-sykes

James Cagney

Short arsed and ginger? Probably the most awesome man to have ever tap-danced down a set of stairs or juiced a grapefruit on someone’s face.

Annex-Cagney-James_01 cagney

Orson Welles

I LOVE a man with a typewriter. If you throw a pipe and a beard in the mix, then you just know I’m going to be clapping like a seal on ecstasy.

welles-typewriter-41 Orson Welles

Harrison Ford

In speedos!!!



Ronald and Russell Mael. I don’t think I can explain this one adequately, so I’m not going to bother.

rr sparks


Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson was awesome. See him unflinchingly take a blow to the nethers…

f349e053e6b442b3c6d5f990fdc03aee 7e28f71b5f1fca378062f6eb5711b429


Christopher Lambert

Cross eyed, Gallic, love God. There can be only one.







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