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Here are the letters I write to Sarah, aka Sarge, who will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

I want you back.

I haven’t written to you in a long time, Sarah, but I’ve got some very important news. Banarama have reformed in their original line-up. Can you believe it? Now, I know you weren’t their biggest fan. In fact, when we … Continue reading

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Feeling stupid

I can’t remember this photo being taken, but by the looks on my face I’d just realised something quite terrible. Something that no amount of cake could ever resolve. Looking back through my pictures, I stopped at this one and … Continue reading

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50 Words for Gonad

Over the past few years living in a country that isn’t England has made me appreciate the English language more and more. The richness of the English vocabulary is unrivalled and something to be proud of, justly. Nothing makes me … Continue reading

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Reader, I married him.

Nineteen days ago I flew halfway across the planet to see the man who makes life make sense for me. The poor man sitting next to me on the long flight from Sydney to Dallas had to endure my unceasing … Continue reading

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Homesick for another time.

I honestly thought she had already passed on, so I couldn’t even imagine why she was trending on Twitter. Then I read about it, it turned out that the actress, Jean Alexander, had just died, aged 90. Another one for … Continue reading

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9904 Miles.

Or 15,939 km. Either way, it’s quite a distance. Any farther away and you start getting closer. I sometimes sit and imagine all the things that are in between us. Every farm, every giant plastic replica dinosaur; every meat rendering … Continue reading

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Homemade Who: My Doctor Who Script Part 2

  ┬áScene 3 Esmerelda Kogarth is sitting behind a lavish desk, in a large, intimidating office, decorated in a variety of styles, mainly favoured by tyrants and dictators. She herself looks just as upholstered as the inevitable red velvet chaise … Continue reading

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